Connectivity – planting a revolution!

Connectivity not only is part of our society, it is also responsible for how we understand this society and the culture it generates. Its biggest highlight is the easy access to multiple technological platforms, simplifying information gathering. Nevertheless, this innovation bares some obstacles to penetrate in more traditional markets. In a globalized and more competitive world, having the latest cutting-edge technology is what makes productivity growth while turning a company into a global leader.

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5 Facts That Will Make You Rethink the Power of Deterrence

Does punishment prevent crime? If so, in what sorts of manner and at what cost? Jails are costly and many of them don’t have what it takes to properly change and resocialize a criminal. In his essay “Deterrence in the Twenty-First Century”, Daniel S. Nagin argues that the certainty of being caught and the certainty of a punishment is far more effective than the severity of the punishment itself. That is the basis of deterrence: a psychological effect that dissuades one from committing a crime or harmful action. We all have the choice to commit good and bad - deterrence, in many ways, forces one to wage the benefits and costs of an action.

These 5 points summarize how effective deterrence is when well applied. 

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The Aerial Marathon That You Did Not See - RIO2016 Summer Olympics Security

The two years leading up to the Olympics and Paralympics Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016 weren’t looking good, at all. Terrorism was a constant threat, scaring all the Brazilians that have never gone through such risk, and barely new the basics on how to behave in panic situations. Also, the rise of the zika virus, the political crises with president Dilma Rousseff impeachment and the increase of violence in the Rio de Janeiro all contributed to an assumption that everything would go wrong [...]

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