Intelligent monitoring for large areas

Discover an efficient safety and security approach to improve your decision making and avoid serious incidents in your activity.

Intelligent monitoring for large areas

Discover an efficient safety and security approach to improve your decision making and avoid serious incidents in your activity.

Intelligent monitoring for large areas

Discover an efficient safety and security approach to improve your decision making and avoid serious incidents in your activity.

Intelligent monitoring for large areas

Discover an efficient safety and security approach to improve your decision making and avoid serious incidents in your activity.

Well-protected activities generate peace and prosperity.

Can your security solution do this?

Find out how we protect your activity

Solutions with approved applications in different segments


Protection of critical assets and goods, detection of illicit activities such as illegal occupation, terrorism, theft, embezzlement and trafficking, increased connectivity and more.


Combat illegal fishing, deforestation, forest fires, oil spills, the presence of animals in contaminated areas and more.


Detection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), intrusion into areas not allowed to employees (red zones), and more.


Monitoring suspicious activity around the perimeter, including using electronic fences to combat intrusions, connecting with brigade teams, filming operations, and more.

Trusted by leading players worldwide

10 reasons why the ALTAVE solution is approved and trusted


Complete intelligent monitoring

Turnkey intelligent monitoring service with proprietary software, and hardware.


Integration with technologies

Integration with monitoring center and equipment already installed in the activity, such as radars and sensors.


Flexibility and customization

High flexibility and customization for every problem.



Alerts only with relevant information for efficient and assertive decision-making.



Real-time and geo-referenced data, with connection of devices and radiofrequency technologies.



Continuous improvement and training of artificial intelligence according to the dynamics of your activity.


Installation without
affecting activity

Installation and operation without affecting activity in the area.



Unique height that provides situational awareness.



24/7 monitoring.



Proven results in sensitive and heavily regulated sectors.

ALTAVE delivers up to 3 times faster response time for your team

*Actual data captured after deployment of ALTAVE's intelligent monitoring solution in mining activity

Testimonials from
ALTAVE customers

The experience with Altave was very positive from the first contact. The company was very flexible and rose to the challenge from the start. Since the solution was implemented more than a year ago, there have been no more offenses on site, demonstrating the assertiveness and quality of the project. Altave's after-sales service is another point that deserves attention. They are close by at all times, checking on the progress of the project and monitoring the health of the infrastructure.
Pedro Raphael, Gerente de Divisão da Sabesp
“A solução da Altave testada no nosso site se mostrou eficiente e para isso foi de extrema importância o apoio diário da equipe da Altave para a implantação da solução. A equipe sempre se mostrou disponível a responder as nossas dúvidas, dar treinamentos e realizar melhorias na solução que pudessem ser aplicadas a nossa realidade. Acredito que a empresa é comprometida a entregar o que foi combinado e eu recomendaria com certeza a solução para outras pessoas.”
“I would like to express my satisfaction in recommending ALTAVE, which has demonstrated excellent technical capacity in the installation of Artificial Intelligence systems on cameras installed on board our vessels to detect unsafe conditions and identify potential problems and risks in real time.”
Victor Teixeira Rodrigues, Project Coordinator - Innovation at OceanPact
“The partnership with ALTAVE shows us how startups are able to deliver creative and simple-to-execute solutions, meeting the demands of Ocyan and our customers, always looking to increase safety and operational uptime.”
Lucas Souza, Asset Manager da Foresea
“The ALTAVE team is very committed, ethical and competent. They go to great lengths to solve a problem and seek the most viable solution. We need partners like this to implement the most modern and effective tools for our operation”
Julio Barreto - General Manager of Pipeline Protection Operation at Petrobras Transpetro
“The acquisition of the solution as an institutional strategy leveraged state action in the qualified prevention and repression of crime, violence and incidents.”
Sérgio Alves - Heritage Coordinator at SEGEN (Secretary for Management and Education in Public Security), of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security – MJSP.

Understand how it works

Abnormal movement in the customer's area of interest.

Via sensors, cameras, radars and/or other equipment installed on physical or aerial platforms in the monitoring area.

In real time, anomalies are identified, interpreted and turned into alerts by our ALTAVE HARPIA software.

With useful information in ALTAVE HARPIA, such as georeferencing, it becomes possible to make a quick and safe decision to eliminate your problem.

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ALTAVE is a Brazilian company, accredited as a Strategic Defense Company, with patented technology in Brazil and abroad. The company obtained the CE marking, indicating the approval of the quality of its product to be marketed throughout the European Union, and Petrobras' CRC seal, to provide services to the company.

ALTAVE has been offering efficient, differentiated and quality solutions for over 10 years for the Defense and Security, Energy, Mining, Ports, Agribusiness and Oil and Gas sectors.


Impact Technologies Award – Qualcomm

INPI Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial
CNI Confederação Nacional das Indústrias

Large Area Persistent Monitoring
airship developed for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Defense Engineering Annual Competition

ABIMDE Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Materiais de Defesa e Segurança (ABIMDE) in partnership with the Academia Nacional de Engenharia.

Winning project: Large Area Persistent Monitoring
airship developed
Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

ALTAVE receives support
from Finep

About Us

ALTAVE was born out of persistence, nonconformity and the desire for innovation of two aeronautical engineers graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica. Learn about the history of the company that for more than 10 years has been delivering solutions to large institutions in the public and private sectors in Brazil and the world.

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