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Combine Technological Innovation with operational efficiency, compliance, and improved security for your vessel and team. We base our solution on Artificial Intelligence, with customized solutions for the Oil and Gas sector 

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Competitive global operating costs (all costs considered).  

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Detection of uses of PPE and invasion in Red Zones (red zone management).  

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Specialized database through images fed back to ALTAVE’s AI. 

Specialist boarding on the rig, without having to move your team to the operation, with all the necessary training.  

Complete and personalized service on each drillship, with auditable data, SLA details, and all support to ensure contract compliance and avoid penalties. 

Safety that never rests, working 24/7

   Continuous AI optimization for your operation;

•   Coverage of the entire perimeter with equipment of privileged height;

   Data is interpreted automatically by AI with high-tech cameras and exclusive software;

   24/7 monitoring in a remote area, with infrared vision for night detection. 

Examples of customized development
for the customer

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Intelligent Monitoring Adventages

Benefits for your company: 

  • Real-time alerts, statistics and reports;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Specialized database; 
  • Enhanced Safety; 
  • Cost Reduction;
  • Efficient Operations; 
  • Data-Driven and Faster Decision-Making.

ALTAVE Harpia: AI-powered software to transform your information into valuable data for decision-making

With a customizable dashboard for your challenge, the information provided by the software supports your management in: 

  • Manage areas and risks with simplicity and accessibility through screens or mobile devices;
  • Customizable dashboard tailored to your specific needs; 
  • Identifying areas for improvement and facilitating meetings;
  • Gaining situational awareness of operations, understanding deviations and frequently affected areas; 
  • Ensuring auditable data;
  • Receiving support for immediate intervention;
  • Aprimorar esforços de treinamento;
  • Enhancing training efforts;
  • Dados valiosos para tomada de decisões. 

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ALTAVE holds the CRC seal from Petrobras, and our cameras are certified by Anatel. 

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