ALTAVE is selected to implement intelligent monitoring on Ocyan’s drillship


Company will use proprietary Intelligent Video Analytics technology to detect and prevent drilling rig incidents


ALTAVE, an intelligent monitoring company for large areas, located in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil, was selected to implement a safety solution on the drillship Norbe IX of Ocyan, an offshore company in the Oil & Gas sector. To detect occupational safety deviations, the system will generate alerts for risk mitigation through a system based on computer vision and artificial intelligence (Intelligent Video Analytics), which interprets data automatically and in real time.

The solution will be applied to detect the absence of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and presence control in restricted zones (known as red zones). There will be six cameras connected to terminals installed in strategic locations on the vessel, with live transmission and alerts through the ALTAVE HARPIA software.

ALTAVE’s proprietary software offers several innovations to facilitate decision making and prevent incidents. Its main benefits include automatic alerts, data processing, live streaming to desktop and mobile devices, alert storage, information dashboard, reporting and redundant server. It will still be possible to integrate new cameras into the technology.

The solution planning was based on ALTAVE’s experience in intelligent monitoring and on the need for an efficient system for occupational safety on drillships.

“We are honored to see that our solutions will contribute to increasing the safety of Norbe IX’s operations and, therefore, of Ocyan”, comments Leonardo Nogueira, co-founder and director of Marketing & Sales at ALTAVE. “The trust placed by Ocyan in ALTAVE’s ability to deliver a customized, robust solution within a short period of time motivated our team even more”, he adds.

“The partnership with ALTAVE shows us how startups are able to deliver creative and simple-to-execute solutions, meeting the demands of Ocyan and our customers, always looking to increase safety and operational uptime”, emphasizes Lucas Souza, Technology coordinator and CSD of the Ocyan Drilling unit.

The solution is already in operation through a long service provision agreement and software license with Ocyan.


ALTAVE is a Brazilian company, accredited as a Strategic Defense Company (EED), with patented technology in Brazil and abroad. The company obtained the CE marking, indicating the approval of the quality of its product to be marketed throughout the European Union.

ALTAVE has been offering efficient, differentiated and quality solutions for over 10 years for the Defense and Security, Energy, Mining, Ports, Agribusiness and Oil and Gas sectors.

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