ALTAVE for Agribusiness

Protect your activity, prevent serious fires during the dry season and connect equipment in any environment, with constant signal quality.

Constant signal in any environment

We provide communication signal for your machines and equipment to stay connected, eliminating shadow zones in remote fields.


Machine-to-machine connection

We have developed a terrestrial network capable of establishing machine-to-machine (M2M) and communication cells for operators. In this way, we gather the telemetry of your machines, increasing your productivity.

Intelligent fire outbreak monitoring

We detect any fire outbreak through our software equipped with artificial intelligence, with a radius of up to 30 kilometers.


Real time information

We broadcast real-time alerts to keep you always up to date on what is happening around your production.

Connection with monitoring center

We integrate our system with an existing monitoring center, with easy manipulation by the contracted operator.

Mobility to streamline your production

Our equipment has easy mobility to follow your operational needs.

Georeferencing always

Our software sends alerts with the exact location of the incident, for quick response and resolution.

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