ALTAVE for Defense
and Security

Privileged aerial view, integration with existing central and communication signal expansion are main benefits in intelligent monitoring for Defense and Security.


Complete view

We cover privileged heights capable of capturing all perimeter activity, such as in large events or in hostile environments, reaching suspicious activities in a restricted access area.


Monitoring in critical activities, 24/7

Ideal solution for 24/7 monitoring of critical activity environments such as borders, prisons, VIP events, operations to ensure order, and facilities with valuable and sensitive assets, including vision with infrared technology for night detection.

Effective, cost-effective security for large events

We were able to capture all the activity of major events with just one camera integrated with artificial intelligence, enabling quick decision-making by the authorities and avoiding serious incidents in the public space.


IR Tag Detection

We offer system for troop detection, strategic positioning and situational awareness. The IR Tag (an “invisible light”) is attached to the helmet and interpreted using infrared technology. Ideal for distinguishing allied soldiers from other soldiers or from unidentified individuals

Electronic warfare

We offer a solution with strategic height and mobility to expand the reach of the equipment used in order to monitor, triangulate and intercept communication media.

Amplification of communication signal anywhere

We minimize any communication failures and expand the operation's performance by enabling expansion of the connection in rural areas, events and temporary/emergency situations (2G/3G/4G connectivity, Wi-Fi and IoT radios).

Integration with previously installed equipment

We guarantee integration with existing security and data management equipment in your operation.

Operational assistance and recording of all operations in the public space

We transmit information in real time to the operation teams, for agile, preventive and efficient decision making. It is also possible to film operations and deploy communication via radio. Ideal for activities in public space.

Electronic fence

We carry out perimeter and patrimonial monitoring of your complex through sensing that detects and informs in real time invasions or attempted invasions.

Monitor how the security process is carried out

We monitor your team's entire approach: from the escort at the exit point to the incident location. Ideal for evolving corporate security procedures.

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