ALTAVE for Mining

Prevent disruptions and protect people and assets by maintaining constant signal quality with data redundancy for increased safety and security.


Artificial Intelligence to prevent dam failures

We configure our software to detect anomalies in dams to prevent dam failures.


Secure, constant signal with redundancy in the transmission

We provide communication signal for your machines and equipment to remain connected, eliminating barriers from remote fields, with redundancy in data transmission and in the energy solution.

Complete view and security cameras

We cover a privileged height capable of capturing all the activity of the mine, with cameras outside the zone affected by waves of tailings, so that transmitted information remains in operation.


Integration with previously installed equipment

We guarantee integration with safety and data management equipment that already exist in the mine. In other words, by integrating yet another solution that helps your decision making, we increase the reliability of the system, the efficiency and the economy of your business.

Machine-to-machine connection

We have developed a terrestrial network capable of establishing machine-to-machine (M2M) and communication cells for operators. In this way, we gather the telemetry of your machines, increasing your productivity.

24/7 monitoring

We monitor in remote areas, without breaks, with infrared vision for night detection.

Environmental monitoring

We prevent and detect environmental activities, such as illegal fishing, deforestation, wildfires and the presence of animals in contaminated areas.

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