ALTAVE for Energy

Completely protect your energy complex, with privileged aerial vision, autonomy and connectivity


Autonomous coverage

We perform autonomous intelligent video monitoring, providing automatic scanning of pre-established critical points and identifying non-standard events, without the need for manual equipment operations and human interpretation of data.


Electronic fence

We carry out perimeter and patrimonial monitoring of your complex through sensing that detects and informs in real time invasions or attempted invasions.

Monitor key infrastructure

With a panoramic situational view, we can protect critical infrastructures, such as containment dikes, substations, dams, engine room, main reservoir and diversion channel.


Deterrence effect

We prevent crimes due to the easy view of our hardware by potential criminals and the impossibility of damage.

Detection of different criminal offenses

We capture from small to serious illicit acts, such as unauthorized access on transitable roads, illegal occupations, terrorism, theft and embezzlement.

Environmental monitoring

We prevent and detect environmental activities such as illegal fishing, deforestation and wildfires.

Improved communication signals

We extend mobile phone signals for extreme or contingency situations, integrating free (radio or IoT) or licensed (LTE) frequency technology with our flexible mobile hardware.

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