ALTAVE for Oil & Gas

We offer an ideal safety and security solution to prevent damage to human health (HSE), and the environment, both offshore and onshore.


Artificial Intelligence for occupational safety and HSE

We adjust our software to detect use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and intrusion into red zones by unauthorized persons.

Complete view

We cover a privileged height capable of capturing all perimeter activity, such as in large events and in hostile environments, reaching suspicious activities in areas of restricted access.


24/7 monitoring

We monitor in remote areas, without breaks, with infrared vision for night detection.


Artificial Intelligence for monitoring the environment

We configure our software to detect environmental incidents, such as oil spills at sea and illegal fishing.

Connection with monitoring center


We integrate our system with an existing monitoring center, with easy manipulation by the contracted operator.

Autonomous coverage

We perform automatic aerial coverage of its entire perimeter to identify incidents and irregularities, without the need for manual equipment operations and human interpretation of data.


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ALTAVE Selo Certificação CRC Petrobras

ALTAVE has the CRC seal, proving the quality of its services to supply Petrobras


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