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First balloon, 2011

The base

ALTAVE was born to promote progress by overcoming gravity. We are encouraged to fulfill our mission by challenging paradigms and exceeding expectations.

We are the only company in Brazil to produce tethered balloons for intelligent monitoring of large areas. Over the years, we have gained knowledge and maturity to expand our operations by delivering a complete software and hardware security solution.

In the aerospace industry since 2011, we have been providing intelligent monitoring through video surveillance and artificial intelligence for various sectors, such as Defense and Security, Energy, Mining, Ports and Terminals, Agribusiness and Oil and Gas.

A history
of innovation

Persistence, nonconformity and innovation define ALTAVE's beginnings and present. In 2011, when nobody thought about producing tethered balloons in Brazil, newly graduated engineers Bruno Avena de Azevedo and Leonardo Mendes Nogueira founded the company in São José dos Campos, SP.

In the first three years, ALTAVE relied on partnerships, angel investors and government support for hardware development. In 2014, we won our first major contract, for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

After the successful experience in the biggest sporting event in the world, ALTAVE signed agreements with the private sector and remodeled its action plan.

Initially focused on hardware, today the company delivers a complete service delivery solution, with emphasis on the ALTAVE HARPIA software – responsible for sending alerts with the help of artificial intelligence.

ALTAVE also became a Brazilian company accredited as a Strategic Defense Company, with airship technology patented in Brazil and abroad. Later, the company obtained the CE marking, which attested to the quality of the company's product and released it to market products throughout the European Union.


ALTAVE has been present in São José dos Campos, SP, since its foundation. In 2019, the company settled in Uberlândia, MG, thanks to a partnership with Grupo Algar. Our solutions reach several places and businesses in Brazil and worldwide.


Our mission is to promote progress by overcoming gravity. We do this by overcoming challenges, overcoming the impossible and going beyond expectations.


We believe that our values guide us to be even better at our work. They were built by us and reflect who we are and who we seek to be with each delivery, generating value for customers, society, employees and other stakeholders.

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