From QHSE to Security: How AI is impacting the Oil and Gas Industry


ALTAVE is at the forefront of developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions for global leaders in the Oil and Gas industry, both offshore and onshore


Artificial intelligence (AI) is introducing new opportunities for improvements in various applications demanded by the oil and gas sector. A recent survey by Ernst & Young reveals that 92% of global oil and gas companies are either actively investing in AI or have plans to integrate it within the next five years. The impact becomes even more evident as research shows that 50% of oil and gas executives utilize AI to tackle diverse challenges across their organizations.

By embracing AI, companies within the industry are transforming their operations, from optimizing onboard safety culture, as required by QHSE department managers, to safeguarding the security of their facilities, preventing thefts and intrusions that can disrupt business operations and profitability, and ensuring environmental protection in line with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards.


Why is the O&G industry choosing AI for these tasks?

Data is interpreted by AI 24/7, without pauses for rest or any lapses in monitoring that can occur with human data interpretation. The information is consolidated and made available on a single platform, with automatic and real-time updates. With this data at their fingertips, managers and operators enhance their decision-making processes before, during, and after incidents.

Customization and reliability are additional advantages of an AI system. It's possible to analyze the challenges of each activity and train the algorithms to analyze data and identify patterns that can be used to enhance operational performance. Overall, this system reduces improves safety efficiency and operational costs, increasing production efficiency. Explore some field-proven cases used by industry leaders like Seadrill, Foresea, and Petrobras.


Enhancing QHSE, Security, and Environmental Effectiveness

A system empowered by AI is driving the enhancement of occupational safety by preventing accidents through red zone management, including the detection of individuals near heavy-moving machinery and detecting non-compliance with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as the absence of boots, gloves, and helmets. Additionally, the system monitors the closure of the fingerboard latch to prevent drops, identifies operators under suspended loads, detects hand usage on handrails to avoid falls, and ergonomic risk analyses.


This variety of detections is centralized on a single platform, facilitating decision-making and analysis of the safety performance of the operation.


In onshore operations, in addition to occupational safety, the combination of AI-empowered software and thermal cameras assists companies in detecting any suspicious movement within their facility and its surroundings. This includes detecting ground invasions by individuals and vehicles and aerial intrusions by drones.

In environmental safety, the system benefits both offshore and onshore companies. Cameras are strategically positioned on vessels to detect oil spills in the sea that are not visible to the human eye, mitigating significant environmental damage. On land, the solution monitors forests by identifying fire outbreaks and promptly issuing alerts for immediate mitigation.


ALTAVE's Property and Environmental Monitoring combine thermal cameras with AI to detect anomalies not visible to the human eye.


"The O&G industry has always been at the forefront regarding safety. Petrobras [National Oil Company of Brazil] considers safety one of its core values. In addition to this, companies in the sector are pioneers in the adoption of new technologies,"comments Leonardo Mendes Nogueira, co-founder and head of Marketing & Sales at ALTAVE, a leading company in intelligent monitoring of drilling rigs, offshore support vessels, and onshore facilities. "Add these two facts together, and we understand what is happening. The sector will greatly benefit from this initiative,"he added.


The ALTAVE Harpia Software Interface, powered by AI, is utilized by industry Oil and Gas leaders, offering real-time data for informed decisions, accident prevention, and cost reduction.


Learn more about this innovative system during ADIPEC 2023. The intelligent monitoring experts from ALTAVE will be at the Brazilian Pavilion to showcase this turnkey solution from October 2 to 5 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


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ALTAVE is a Brazilian company that provides intelligent monitoring services with its own hardware and software. Its artificial intelligence delivers real-time relevant information to its clients. With an international presence, the company holds the CE marking, signifying the approval of its product's quality for marketing throughout the European Union. It is also accredited as a Brazilian Strategic Defense Company and holds the Petrobras CRC seal for service provision to the company. With patented technology in Brazil and abroad, ALTAVE serves various sectors including Defense and Security, Energy, Mining, Ports, Agribusiness, and Oil and Gas.

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