Artificial Intelligence enhances reliability and security in mining industry leaders


AI is transforming outcomes in the mineral sector with a revolutionary approach to property, operational, structural, environmental, and occupational monitoring.


ABI Research estimates that global spending on digital technologies in the mining industry is projected to reach $9.3 billion by the year 2030. In Brazil, Artificial Intelligence solutions are already promoting increased reliability in mining processes and decision-making, mitigating intrusions and theft, and reducing operational costs. A Brazilian innovation is revolutionizing the sector and will be showcased at the Expo & Brazilian Mining Congress - EXPOSIBRAM 2023 in Belém, PA, from August 29 to 31.


How AI addresses significant challenges in the mineral sector.

Reliability in processes, plant and operator safety, along with the enhancement of operational efficiency, constitute the major challenges in mining operations. An Artificial Intelligence-based application can facilitate equipment integration, ensure high availability, and consolidate information into a single platform.

With strategically placed cameras in the operation, AI is trained using computer vision and machine learning for various monitoring applications, such as:

  • Property: detection of people, vehicles, and animals in restricted areas;
  • Operational: situational awareness of operations in complex areas, requiring a robust high-availability system;
  • Structural: monitoring of critical structures such as dams, pits, slopes, and containment dikes;
  • Environmental: monitoring of fire outbreaks in environmentally protected areas;
  • Occupational: detection of absence of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and presence of workers in exclusion zones.


This system is already delivering decisive outcomes for industry leaders such as Samarco, Vale, and J. Mendes. The significance of this solution is emphasized by Bruno Avena, CEO of ALTAVE: "Artificial Intelligence is a crucial tool for converting data into knowledge and action. With our solution, we provide our clients with qualified and real-time information, enabling them to enhance productivity, safety, and sustainability in their operations."


AI for Mining: Innovation propels mining companies to become benchmarks in operational excellence.


Three pillars: Why trust an AI-powered system

The solution combines a centralized information software with cameras, radars, sensors, and energy panels, offering three fundamental benefits that justify its implementation in the mining industry, as emphasized by ALTAVE, a leader in intelligent monitoring for large areas.


  1. Efficient decision-making: with AI-powered 24/7 monitoring, the system is integrated into the mine's operations center, sending automatic alerts to the respective department heads. The software also generates reports and dashboards consolidated with insights to guide internal training efforts.
  2. Reliability: the system ensures no data loss due to connectivity issues. The availability is above 99%, as proven by cases in the industry by ALTAVE.
  3. Centralization: the entire solution is centralized under a single protocol, offering easy access, installation, infrastructure, and 24-hour support, including both camera and software provided by a single supplier.


Interface of a software with AI-based information. Operators and managers receive accurate information for operational improvement.


Learn more about this innovative solution during EXPOSIBRAM 2023. The intelligent monitoring experts will be at booth D11A to showcase the innovation from August 29 to 31, 2023, at Hangar - Amazon Convention and Exhibition Center, located at Av. Doutor Freitas, s/n - Marco, Belém, PA.


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ALTAVE is a Brazilian company that provides intelligent monitoring services with its own hardware and software. Its artificial intelligence delivers real-time relevant information to its clients. With an international presence, the company holds the CE marking, signifying the approval of its product's quality for marketing throughout the European Union. It is also accredited as a Brazilian Strategic Defense Company and holds the Petrobras CRC seal for service provision to the company. With patented technology in Brazil and abroad, ALTAVE serves various sectors including Defense and Security, Energy, Mining, Ports, Agribusiness, and Oil and Gas.

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