Industry leaders redefine Occupational Safety with Artificial Intelligence


In celebration of the National Day for the Prevention of Accidents at Work, learn how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing Occupational Safety and Health.


Ensuring workplace safety and health has not always been a priority for companies, but over fifty years ago, Brazil adopted public regulations that transformed this scenario. In celebration of the National Day for the Prevention of Accidents at Work, which marks this transformation, discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing occupational safety in industry leaders and explore the main benefits offered by this innovation.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Occupational Safety

With cameras strategically installed in industrial settings, both on land and offshore, AI is trained to detect various anomalies related to occupational safety during operations. This enables operators and managers to make faster and more accurate decisions to prevent incidents and enhance internal processes.

AI for Occupational Safety: Automated detections offer benefits for both operational and managerial levels


The main benefits of an AI-powered system for Occupational Safety

In addition to providing a safe environment for workers to perform their activities, there are several advantages for companies that invest in a culture of safety and health through an AI-powered solution. These benefits include:

  • Efficiency in incident response: Real-time and automated detection of incidents and breaches of safety measures, Efficiency in incident response: Real-time and automated detection of incidents and breaches of safety measures for immediate 24/7 response.for immediate 24/7 response.
  • Production situational awarenessVisualization of key activity occurrences on a single screen, eliminating the need for multiple monitors and reducing reliance on human monitoring.
  • Enhanced management and planning: Dashboards, insights, and safety occurrence reports for internal training, ensuring better results and goal achievement.
  • Reinforced safety culture: Objective and accurate safety performance data strengthens the safety culture within companies, proactively involving employees in continuous improvement efforts.
  • Increased productivity and return on investment: Significant reduction in accidents and production downtime resulting from improved safety measures lead to enhanced operational efficiency and resource optimization, directly reflecting in a better return on investment.


Where this solution can be implemented

This intelligent approach is making a significant impact on key industry leaders, especially in the Oil and Gas and Mining sectors. ALTAVE, a leading provider of intelligent monitoring solutions, has already implemented this innovative system on offshore drilling platforms, support vessels, and mining operations.. These sectors are harnessing the benefits offered by this innovation, which revolutionizes operator safety and business success.

Industries such as manufacturing, construction, logistics, healthcare, agribusiness, and energy can also ensure a safer, more efficient, and productive work environment by promoting a culture of safety that benefits all employees.


ALTAVE Harpia software interface. Integrated with cameras and sensors, providing real-time alerts and reports, this tool is transforming Occupational Safety.


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ALTAVE is a Brazilian company, accredited as a Strategic Defense Company, with patented technology in Brazil and abroad. The company obtained the CE marking, indicating the approval of the quality of its product to be marketed throughout the European Union, and Petrobras' CRC seal, to provide services to the company.

ALTAVE offers a complete intelligent monitoring solution, from problem analysis to contracting, maintenance and lifecycle support. Its service includes hardware and proprietary software powered by artificial intelligence, with relevant, real-time and georeferenced information to support the client's decision-making and avoid serious incidents in the monitored area or surroundings.

ALTAVE has been offering efficient, differentiated and quality solutions for over 10 years for the Defense and Security, Energy, Mining, Ports, Agribusiness and Oil and Gas sectors.

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